10 Best Patios in Calgary for 2021

Best Rooftop Patios in Calgary

Rooftop patios are popular in Calgary because they offer great places to entertain, socialize with friends, and just enjoy natural views.

Calgary is home to many beautiful rooftop patios that offer stunning views, social gatherings, and quality fresh food. From casual to upscale, these rooftop patios are the best places in the city to relax with friends and family.

Also, the rooftop patios in Calgary are not only amazing locations for enjoying a cold beer but are also incredible places to watch the sunset set over the prairie landscape.

So if you’re looking for the best rooftop patios in Calgary, you’ve come to the right place.

This article covers the best rooftop patios in Calgary with unique views. Check out our list and discover your new favourite spot today.

Calgary Patios

Rooftop patios in Calgary are a great way to enjoy the warm summer evenings with friends and family. And given that a patio can be a great addition to any home, you might want to consider building a rooftop patio on your flat roof.

Below are some of the benefits of rooftop patios in Calgary:


Building a roof accessible from inside your home is one of the most convenient ways to create outdoor living space. Rooftop patios in Calgary are convenient spaces to relax with friends on a nice summer day.

Rooftop patios are both convenient and long-lasting. They may be designed with built-in gutters, see-through tile to allow you to view the evening sky, and angled to fit around existing house features like bays or chimneys.


Another great feature about rooftop patios in Calgary is protection. These permanent roofs can protect your patio from sun, rain, and snow. They are ideal for patio dining to keep the harsh weather out of your indoor space.

A rooftop patio can be turned into an outdoor retreat where you can escape on hot summer days. If your balcony is the perfect spot for you to enjoy the city’s skyline or hang out with friends, adding a rooftop patio can protect you from the sun, which will help you stay calm and enjoy the outdoors for more extended periods.

Improve Aesthetics

Whatever your preference, installing a rooftop patio in Calgary is guaranteed to improve the aesthetics of your home. Added space for entertaining and lounging will increase its overall value and make you feel like you live in a much more luxurious and inviting home.

The sky is truly the limit with patios, and if you choose to go the route of a retractable awning or permanent rooftop patio, your condo or home will never be the same.

Adds Additional Living Space

Rooftop patios in Calgary are the perfect addition to any home. With rooftop patios, you can add more living space to your home, giving you access to nature.

Whether you live in an older building or a new condo, a rooftop patio is an easy way to make the most out of space. A rooftop patio in Calgary allows you to maximize the space in your home. You can enjoy an outdoor living area without sacrificing your indoor space.

Ideal for Entertaining

If you love entertaining, then a rooftop patio is the perfect addition to your home that will increase the amount of space available for hosting parties and events.

A rooftop patio will allow you to enjoy the benefits of entertaining with an outdoor feel. It is also an excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors and spend quality time with friends and family or just lounge around on weekends without having to go far.

Creates a Slope for Drainage

We all know that the warm season is the best time to enjoy a pleasant time with friends, but sometimes good weather comes with a price.  It is essential every homeowner have a proper slope for drainage when having a rooftop patio.

By creating a sloped rooftop patio, you allow for natural drainage so water can eventually make its way back into the ground where it belongs, reducing the risk of flooding or contamination in nearby waterways.

10 Best Rooftop Patios Calgary

If you’re looking for places to go for drinks with friends or an amazing view of Calgary, check out this list of some of the best rooftop patios in the downtown core.

1. Vin Room Mission

Vin Room Mission Patio

On a warm sunny day, nothing is better than a drink on a patio. Vin Room offers a wide selection of wines by the glass or bottle with small bites to complement them.

It’s a great place to indulge in a glass of wine while soaking up the sun and views from Mission rooftop patios in Calgary, Alberta. Featuring spectacular views of downtown Calgary, the rooftop patio is the perfect place to unwind.

The rooftop patio allows you to relax and enjoy the panoramic city views with cozy booths and easy-to-reach food stations.

Vin Room Mission’s stylized terrace blends contemporary design with the warmth of natural wood, brick, stone, and metal accents.

Additionally, Vin Room being dog friendly is just one way to welcome guests to take in the views from this dramatically situated spot. Prepare for an intense encounter by ordering oysters with Champagne.

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2. Modern Steak on Stephen Avenue

Modern Steak on Stephen Avenue

Modern Steak is a new rooftop patio on Stephen Avenue and is the perfect evening out, right in the heart of Downtown Calgary. With heated sky-high patios and an open view of the skyscrapers of Calgary’s skyline, it’s an ideal spot for friends enjoying a drink or two after work or just catching up on life.

From the moment Modern Steak Restaurant & Lounge welcomes you atop Stephen Avenue, you’ll experience a unique dining experience unlike any other. Nestled amongst sky-high buildings, the rooftop patio overlooks the renowned Calgary Tower and Downtown core.

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3. Rooftop Bar @Simmons

Rooftop Bar @Simmons

The Rooftop Bar is located atop Simmons Building. It is a casual rooftop patio bar and lounge ideal for anyone looking to relax and enjoy some great food and drink while taking in some great Calgary views. With a full bar, full menu, and spectacular city views, Rooftop Bar is the most talked-about destination in the city.

All guests can enjoy the beer, wine, and food via Connie & John’s Pizza. Rooftop Bar also has heaters and a fireplace for colder nights and live music with a rotating cast of performers. Enjoy fantastic food and drinks while taking in the view of the downtown core and the Bow River.

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4. Chakalaka

Chakalaka Patio Calgary

Located upstairs in 1410 World Bier Haus, Chakalaka’s new patio is home to some of Calgary’s coolest plants, beautiful skyline views of the Bow River, and one bomb-ass bar.

Chakalaka is open all year and offers a variety of hot stone cooking grills with anything from steak to alligator, fresh fish to delicious ribs, all cooked and served right at your table by its friendly staff. The patio’s cozy fire pits are great for enjoying conversation outdoors with friends during good weather.

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5. Ke Charcoal Grill

Ke Charcoal Grill Rooftop Patio

Surrounded by a green wall of plants, Ke Charcoal Grill’s rooftop patio offers the best views of downtown Calgary. It provides a lively atmosphere to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine. The patio is accessible to the public daily on a first-come, first-served basis and offers beautiful Beltline views.

The menu includes yakitori skewers, grilled seafood dishes and tofu soups, ramen noodles, and robata-grilled meats prepared on a uniquely designed grill that applies a combination of locally sourced inorganic ingredients that give a distinct flavour.

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6. Brewsters McKenzie Towne

Brewsters McKenzie Towne

The Brewsters rooftop patio is a breath of fresh air for party-goers. Right in the middle of downtown, the Brewsters rooftop is the best place for you to grab some delicious food, great drinks and enjoy amazing views.

The patio is also home to multiple TVs, high and low tables, couches, and Adirondacks. It’s a laid-back venue where you can enjoy elevated pub grub and house-brewed raspberry, peach ales,  and blueberry while taking in the views of Calgary’s famous mountains and some kickin’ seasonal festivals.

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7. Craft Beer Market

Craft Beer Market Patio

The rooftop patio of the latest addition to Calgary’s craft beer movement is one of the unique settings in the city. The patio features a retractable roof, plenty of shade beneath. There are also two fire pits surrounded by couches for nights when you want to stay warmer.

Also, it serves a hand-smashed burger served on a butter toasted potato wrap, as well as cool beer from the on-site microbrewery and wine from nearby vineyards. Make a reservation for your next private event or party at Craft Beer Market and enjoy some cold drinks while taking in the city views.

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8. River Café

River Café Alberta

This is a little piece of paradise that offers spectacular views of the Bow River and Calaway Park. The restaurant’s location atop the park means you get to enjoy stunning vistas from your patio dining experience.

Fall asleep in the sun, cool off in the water, or savour a decadent dessert. The River Café patio has all the best features of an island getaway. The River Café is ideal for lunch, brunch, dinner, drinks, or late-night snacks.

Also, River Cafe features a fantastic view of Calgary’s famous Prince’s Island Park and boasts unique seating areas that are sure to impress even the most seasoned patio folk.

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9. Free House

Free House Rooftop Patio Calgary

For a rooftop patio with a casual atmosphere where you can enjoy a beverage and snack, try Free House. This location specializes in locally-brewed beer from Canada’s west coast but also offers seasonal cocktails and food.

Set in the heart of Kensington, Free House provides the perfect mix of suburbia and city life. The view from the patio is perhaps one of the best in all Calgary and offers a great place to relax outdoors.

At Free House, there are sandwiches, burgers, salads, pizzas, hearty mains, desserts, and more to choose from. Pair them with an ice-cold beer in this laid-back pub’s bright and liveable space, or take in the downtown Calgary skyline from its spacious rooftop patio.

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10. Broken City

Broken City Rooftop Patio

Broken City is a restaurant and bar with an alfresco rooftop patio that overlooks the city. You can choose from a selection of local brews and food that comes from local sources.

With its hardwood floors, exposed brick, and twinkling lights, Broken City in Calgary is a bar that speaks to the times. And it’s open all year round! when the weather warms up, it’s time to head outside to the rooftop patio.

Great food and drinks get even better when you’re surrounded by natural beauty. Enjoy the gorgeous skyline while you’re eating your specially prepared chicken and expertly cooked food at Broken City’s rooftop patio.

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How to Choose The Best Patios in Calgary


Locating a close patio restaurant in Calgary is essential for two reasons. First, it will lead to significant savings on gasoline and provide you with a place to go once you can no longer stay indoors.

You don’t need to travel far to get to a great patios restaurant. If you live in the downtown area, choose one that is close by for convenience’s sake. You can also easily make follow-up appointments while you are there.


When looking for the best patio restaurant in Calgary, you need to also consider the menu and less on the decor. Although these places often have beautiful patios, you want to ensure you get both when looking for a restaurant to sit outside of on a hot summer night.

Therefore, before you go to any patio restaurant in Calgary, you should take your time and research their menu, or else you might find out that it is not exactly the kind of food that will satisfy your appetite.


Affordability is an essential factor to consider when choosing the right patio restaurants in Calgary for you and your family. The prices of each restaurant vary, and you should see what they have to offer on their menu so that you will know if it fits your budget or not.

By looking at the different prices for different restaurants, you will see the price range for each restaurant and find something that you can afford without sacrificing the quality of your food.

Stunning Views

It’s a fact that some restaurants have a better view than others. Some have a view of downtown, some have a great view of the mountains, and some have a nice view of the river. When choosing the best patio restaurant in Calgary, you need to know which ones provide such views.

Being able to enjoy beautiful views such as the mountains and city skylines, the river pathway, and the beautiful mountains will add to your overall experience at a Calgary patio restaurant.

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Verdict on Best Patios in Calgary

Calgary’s outstanding culinary scene boasts many restaurants with patios, and some of them are even heated, making going out earlier in the year easy.

But choosing the best patio restaurant in Calgary can be difficult with so many options available.

However, you can either go with fine dining restaurants with a rooftop patio or choose a casual restaurant with a garden patio.

Whichever one you choose, it won’t be a difficult task anymore because this article has explained the things you should know before choosing a patio restaurant.

Why not gather your friends and family, and head out to one of these patios restaurants in Calgary for an unforgettable evening.




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